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Fall is in the wind here in Sweden Land and I’m loving it like a Mickey Ds commercial. This time of year where trees paint the skies with various hues of autumn colors, I can finally bring out all my fall threads and start lacing lights on my bike. So many, it looks like I’m riding a christmas-tree to work. Ultimately, this time of year is when we all start the final fall shuffle. The last “CHARGE”  to give it all we got at work projects, business quotas, and school tests to finish the quarter strong. For thats getting booked for a company JulBord (if I were so lucky), booking paid clubs, or writing that final webisode. I find it difficult to be present in my life as a dreamer because I am always planning ahead.

There’s a constant chatter in my mind  “C’mon nigga, C’mon nigga’ GET THIS MONEY!” yes my inner voice is a ghetto Samuel L. Jackson. With blogs, webisodes, and podcasts on deck, there’s no time for looking at trees. I’m always forecasting the future, thinking of ways to manifest this pesky dream into a reality.

The other a day I had a conversation with a fellow comic who blurted out, to a lesser extent “you should be happy, english comics have it easy here in Sweden”, I for one could not disagree more, but at the time I just shrugged my shoulders and kept it moving.

How the f#ck do I have it easy!? Let me tell you something jack, if an unknown from another country can come here and start making it rain as a comic, athlete, musician, or whatever field, that just means there is competition out there buddy and somebody out there is grinding harder than you.  The comment made me pissed. I moved from the mecca, hub, origin of Stand-up comedy which is New York City to Sweden, total 360. I had to go back to school as it were, to start over in the “scene” and create a base (again). Two years down, still treading water, above the surface and haven’t drowned. Far from ice cream and yellow cake though.

Saying I have it easy or to anyone out there daring to chase dreams like a wild yahoo, or decides to live alternatively off the grid, or who risks everything on a gamble pyramid scheme is a pimp backhand to the face,with the rings! I guess dude was salty because there are international english acts who are out here grinding and making it pop.


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Slowly but surely, like the wise tortoise, there has been a gradual influx of “All English Comedy”.  Which is awesome because a part of me thinks, “I willed this to fruition with the power of my mind, SAAYY WHAAAT”, J/k. Seriously though, this is great for all us ex-pats right? Stand-up is a relatively new commodity here so this might be the beginning of our UNENDING REGIN! (Evil Laugh)


Don’t believe me, here’s a list of some English shows coming to theater near you this fall. (If I miss some let me know in the comments)

1. Laguhstock

2. Nääämen it’s AL-PITCHER 

3. Stand-Up for Stockholm

4. Eddie Griffin

5. Helsingborg International Comedy Club

Oh and I run an English night every Thursday @BigbenPub 

I believe that Swedish and English comics can and should break bread together just like Jesus did with the homies. There’s enough crowds for all of us. The competition is good for the scene as it breeds better comics and more shows for Swedes. Win, Win.  At the end of the day comrade, everybody has their cross to bare. For Jesus it was an actual wood cross but for me its a comedy career where people come to perform and I get to make them laugh, even if its for a second. That’s my nirvana, that’s my purpose!

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