Save Yourself

Welcome to the dirty 30s…

Turned 30 last week and everybody mostly had the consensus of “its all down here from here, the party is over, get use to things hurting for no reason.” Etc, I dont feel any different or felt an epiphany of sorts as if 30  was the magic number where it all clicked. All the pieces fall into the puzzel, many of us know man the 30somethings who does not have their shit together. Still 3 decades on the this blue/green marble feels like that within itself is an accomplishment. Especially when a bunch of brothers of my stature dont make it pass 18. Not to get all #blacklivesmatter but ya´know what I mean.

30, no kids, not married.   Not rich, no equity really, so when does the fun start?  Wheres the warm glow of knowledge this age was supposed to descend upon my face like a´girl taking a golden shower shot? Comedy career? … When does life start? WHO AM I!?

Then it hit me like Ike did Tina (EAT THE CAKE). No one is coming to to save me, not  age, not superman. Its just me.  Which gave me a bit of relief because to be fair I never did think of someone miraculously would but many times I feel someone is going to give me my success or sitcom deal. We are living in the future where you literally can create your reality.  Life alchemy if it were.  All my actions, decisions, and work get me to where I am and where I wanna go.  To be honest I never thought this far ahead. I never thought Id be spending my 30th year in socialist Sweden pursuing stand-up and working a 9-5.  Is it the picture of my perfection, course not but thats okay because there is no such thing as perfection on this earth unless you are talking about Scarlett Johansen, (j/k Ive seen pixs, meh).

This 30 year old body is banged up, bruised but not yet buried.  So for the next decade with all my might, I’ll be exalting to the celestials screaming #givenofucks because no-one is coming to save you. Unless you’re a gold digger, in which case go hard ho! I’ll be slinging these jokes like a laugh pusher and wont be waiting for someone to save me because I am my own super hero. Now up up and lets laugh!

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