Across the globe humanity celebrates ringing in the one full loop around the sun to commemorate another new year but why do I feel like its an old year and business as usual. As I read my feed I see everyone I care about or have met sharing this best 9 photo so I felt compelled to as well. If the old adage you are what you do, based on this photo I definitely am a comedian.  To which degree of comedian is debatable because there are levels to this playa.


If I said 2017 sucked major donkey balls I’d be right. If I said 2017 was awesome I’d be right too. It was a tremendous year but also a tumulus year filled with peaks and valleys. What now? If we are what and not what we say who are you and who am I? I am going in this year with a fresh start alongside the rest of you.  I say be who you want to be because in the end time always wins. Not to get all cliché but I spent most of the holidays in the hospital because my pops became sick and the major thing I felt being in there  was  “regret”.

The last thing I want to feel is I’ve made a huge mistake by living someone else’s idea of my life and I’m fitting to pass to the next  realm.

Regret is not always inevitable if you live your truth.  Do what you want to do, (easier said than done) but at least you would’ve given it the ole’ college try because you cannot get back time. No matter how hard you try or until time space travel becomes a thing, live your life to its fullest potential. Fill your life with purpose outside of monetary goals. Build something, learn the karma sutra, compete in fencing, I don’t know fam,  its a new year filled with possibility, do something that you can see your self doing for the rest of you life or at least until you master it and pass that tutelage on to the next generation.

I’m busy going back to the grind until I reach the next level. Even though its a new year old habits die hard, time to learn some beneficial ones.

Happy New You!


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