(SIGH) I write this with heavy hands

Ok, I felt I had to, at the very least write about the Michael Brown shooting without being bias which is a bit challenging being a  6,2”, 210 pound black man. It’s hard to write about the continuing effort to hunt down black men by the U.S. police force. As a black dude, I’m lucky because the Arts saved me. I was too busy learning lines and blocking for Macbeth.  Still, Mike Brown wasn’t too much bigger than me in stature. Standing at 6’4, 300 pounds so whose to say that couldn’t  have been me?

Reading all the tweets, blogs, comments all I’ve attained from this ordeal is people are starting to finally get angry and I’m not surprised.  Post mortem, Michael Brown is painted as a “thug” who stole cigarettes and terrorizes local store owners so he deserves lethal force when confronted by officer Darren Wilson. Seriously is Uncle Ruckus running mainstream media?  I mean he set himself up for that, stealing dutches for his evil weed smoking right? Treyvon Martin was walking with a hoodie, drinking an Arizona Ice Tea in the wrong neighborhood so he deserved to get shot by a punk in the chest. Eric Garner selling “lucys” in Staten Island, got him choked to death.

HOLD UP, WHEN DID BLACK DUDES BECOME SUPER VILLAINS? Not even in superhero movies does super man kill his arch nemesis, he neutralizes the threat. So Black dudes must be super villains status now right because I sure don’t feel super?

It is very interesting to see the cliché antics sides form, black vs white. The age-old battle, reminiscent of the  O.J. Simpson trial, when clearly this is much deeper than race. In the words of the controversial Kanye, “No one man should have all that power” because absolute power corrupts absolutely. The U.S. media loves this shit and you know what, they’ll get as much airplay off this tragedy until it stops getting viewership. Why is it black on black violence doesn’t elicit the same reaction as white on black? I mean it happens way more on a daily basis throughout the U.S. but no protest, campaigns, or talking-head panels with David Banner when Tayshawn guns downTerrell? (Think about that for a sec)

Media wants you to focus on f##kery.

Michael Brown stole cigarettes (supposedly) so he should be penalized to the full extant of the law, NOT SHOT SIX TIMES! Also did the arresting officer know that prior to the altercation?  This veil of law is so easy to hide behind. Unfortunately nobody knows what happened between the officer and Brown, which is why he will probably, (IM CALLING IT) NOT BE PROSECUTED! It will be a testimony of an officer against an image of a boy who has already been vilified in several media outlets who is deceased.  Even if it reaches court (in the unlikely event) the cop will have the best defense attorney money can afford. Just look at Eric Garner’s case, his death was ruled a homicide and the officer responsible still hasn’t been tried for using an illegal choke hold on the victim. THIS IS THE POST RACISM OBAMA AGE!?

Is this what  post-racism looks like? What exactly is going in Ferguson? The police force there definitely have been exhibiting a “nigger trigger happy” disposition when it comes to gunning down brothers. The only reason there is back lash now is because they were caught on camera. This probably is a day in the life of young black man in Ferguson, we just have the tech to show the world available. The U.S. police force has always shown a certain tenacity when dealing with us, utilizing lethal force whenever they feel threatened. Which is a bit backwards isn’t it because he’s unarmed and you have a 9mm gun, bullet proof vest, taser, carbon baton, mace, yet you feel scared?  (BIG &BLACK = SUPER VILLAIN)

Black men have been vilified through decades of defamation of character in media, print, music, tv, and film. I mean even in here in Sweden I get the, “YOU ARE SOO NICE”, subtext “for a black dude”. Its that damn rap music I tells ya!

Also how do the brothers on the ST. Louis Ferguson police force feel about this? Is there the same “no snitching” policy amongst police?

I am not saying that cops don’t have tuff jobs and are not in the line of danger everyday to serve and protect but there is a certain carte blanche that is reserved just for cops. For instance the support from the prescient and community have gone as far as fund raising for the cop.

(OH YOU DIDN’T KNOW!?) Yes, there’s a fund raising group for Darren Wilson who shot Brown and it’s raised so far (DRUMROLL PLEASE) $234,910 STACKS from I simply ask you white people, what if the cops turn on your own, what then? What if it was a white boy and the officer was black?  Would the support be so readily available for this cop? I’ll wait…

When did killing kids in America become a celebratory charitable occasion?

Will we start seeing ice bucket challenges for police brutality? (SMH)

He’s getting paid more money on top of his salary for a job well done? Keeping the streets safe from big bad cigarette thieves  (WOOPTY DOO) please excuse me while I yell into a pillow!

Since Aug 9, there has been a massive outcry from communities, peaceful protests, rioting, looting for justice for Michael Brown.  Its a cluster-f#ck to say the least. The response since has been an onslaught of PARA MILITARY POLICE FORCE, TEAR GAS, DOGS, DOGS SHOOTING TEAR GAS, TANKS MUTHA -EFFIN TANKS FOLKS!  (Side-note I’m waiting to see ferguson police deploy the Iron man suit.) I wish all protestors safety and a powerful peaceful protests across the U.S. nation. be safe and don’t give them a reason to shoot.

Where does this leave us? I have no clue.

I honestly believe that until humanity allows for a universal collective consciousness where we, on a fundamental level unlearn the cancer which is racism, we will continue to see these pointless wars, violence, and injustices continue. There are countries that have been war free for 200 years, (ahem Sweden ahem). Peace/human rights on a functional level is possible and is happening right now!

I know that the U.S. historical context of police brutality cannot simply be, “swept under the rug” until then I ask you, comrades, keep your eyes open, dialogue free of hate, protest peaceful,  and fund whatever side is for love! Until then I’ll keep my hands up but boy are they getting heavy.


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